Governance of the Company of Entrepreneurs Trust

The Company of Entrepreneurs Trust is governed by a Deed of Trust dated 31st March 2016, and acts independently of the Company of Entrepreneurs.

For more information on the Deed, please contact the Trust Administrator’s Office at

The Company of Entrepreneurs Trustee Limited is the sole corporate trustee, the Directors of which are the Master, Immediate Past Master, and Wardens of the Company of Entrepreneurs, together with the Chair of the Guild’s Awards Committee. These six individuals are also the company’s shareholders. The Trust’s Administrator is the Clerk to the Company of Entrepreneurs.

The Directors of the Company of Entrepreneurs Trustee Limited are required to act independently to discharge the Trust’s obligations under the Deed.

The prosperity of the Trust, both in its growth and in its giving, is essential to the prosperity of the Company, and the Trust receives the majority of its capital income from the regular personal donations of Freemen Entrepreneurs.